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What’s New on KidLitCon Website?

Did you notice a few new things on the KidLitCon website today?

  • Sponsorships! Yes, we are ready to solicit for sponsorships!! We are trying to think outside the box as well and ask not just publishers but local bookstores and restaurants and companies as well. Can you suggest any that we should contact?
  • KidLitCon 2019 Planning Committee! I’ve added the KidLitBloggers in the sidebar who are responsible for creating KidLitCon many years ago and have worked on creating many a KidLitCon all over the U.S. Please do them a solid and check out their blogs and follow them on Social Media.
  • POLLS: What sessions would you like at KidLItCon 2019? (Choose up to 5). We’ve added a sidebar poll to gauge interest in what you are seeking from KidLitCon.
  • History of KidLitCon Panels and Our Wishlist of Panels … We’ve compiled a list of most of the past KidLitCon panels with our list of panels we are thinking of creating. We appreciate your suggestions too! We’ve added those from blogger Nathalie Mvondo. Email us with your suggestions and we will add them to the list! KidLitCon (@) gmail dot com.
  • Attendee List: Are you planning on coming to KidLitCon Providence? Leave us a comment and we will add you to our list!
  • Instagram: We have a new KidLitCon Instagram account! Please follow us!

KidLitCon “Go sports! Do the Thing! Win the Points!” Sports Books for the Unathletic panel

Panel from 2017 KidLitCon: “Go sports! Do the Thing! Win the Points!”  Sports Books for the Unathletic. Do you recognize anyone?!!

KidLitCon 2019 will be held in Providence, Rhode Island

on March 22-23, 2019

at Hotel Providence in downtown Providence.

Our hashtag is: #KidLitCon2019

The theme is Reaching Readers.

Want to help shape our panels? Go here.

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