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No More All-White Panels & #KidLitCon2019

No More All White Panels

Laurel Synder has started a movement and asked for the KidLit community to take a pledge.:

Today, in conjunction with , I’m pledging to no longer participate in all-white panels and event line-ups. It’s a small place to begin, but it will send a strong message if we all join together. Come on!

In a world of wildly talented authors and illustrators of color, there is simply no reason for an all-white panel, ever.  If you agree with me, I hope you’ll make this pledge, by leaving a note in the comments below.

Her post is here:

Our industry marginalizes people of color. We know this.

In a multitude of ways, we do not include or promote their voices as we should.  This is problematic for the authors, editors, illustrators and other people of color who must work twice as hard for far less attention and reward.  But it is also problematic for the children we claim to serve, who desperately need to hear a range of voices. Our young readers are increasingly diverse.  It makes no sense that their literature not represent them. Continue reading No More All-White Panels & #KidLitCon2019