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Lunch Session: Career Consulting for Creatives #KidLitCon2019

Career Consulting for Creatives #KidLitCon2019

Career Consulting for Creatives

Do you ever find yourself feeling “stuck”? Be it writers block, procrastination, organization or just feeling a bit bogged down by your “day job” or less creative freelance work? Working with a career coach can help you uncover your internal roadblocks in order to open up more space (and time) to focus on the creative projects that bring you joy.
Erika Oliver
Erika Oliver is the Principal coach of Bloom Coaching and Development, a Boston-based coaching & consulting firm dedicated to helping their clients through transitions in their personal and professional lives. While Bloom specializes in career coaching, we  also believe that one should look at each individual’s scenario holistically whenever possible. Bloom partners with their clients to help them further define their goals and move more methodically towards them.
Erika will be available for free 15 minute min-consultations throughout the  duration of the conference.
Schedule a free 15-minute consultation at the following link:

Erika Oliver

 501 Boylston
 10th Floor
 Boston, MA 02116
Erika Oliver Bloom Development Career Consultant

Join us March 22-23 for KidLitCon 2019!

Career Consulting for Creatives #KidLitCon2019