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#KidLitCon2019 #KidLitWomen & Be the Change You Seek!

#KidLitCon19 #KidLitWomen & Be the Change You Seek!

We have an official hashtag! It’s #KidLitCon19 .

We want to thank Kate Messner for bringing up the question ‘“Who else is invited?” She poses asking this question for socially conscious conference & book festival participants whether it’s accepting that speaking invitation, or in our case, planning that conference.

We wanted to thank Josh Funk for actually posing that question to us via email. It helped us define our parameters.

For those who are asking: YES! We are trying to create panels that reflects the children’s book publishing industry today, and how we want it to change … which is to say we are trying to create panels composed of 80% female and underrepresented groups including LGBTQ & POC. Will we have panels of 100% straight white males? No. No, we will not. 

We also would like to avoid “Token Person of Color” forced to address all micro-aggressions of racism, taking one for the team. But this means we need POC and underrepresented and marginalized groups to help us out. Join us! Volunteer for a panel. Help us shape the discussions that are important and need a voice. Help us be the change we seek. Thank you!

#KidLitCon19 #KidLitWomen & Be the Change You Seek!

KidLitCon 2019 will be held in Providence, Rhode Island

on March 22-23, 2019

at Hotel Providence in downtown Providence.

Our hashtag is: #KidLitCon2019

The theme is Reaching Readers.

Want to help shape our panels? Go here.

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