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#KidLitCon2019 Poster by Isabel Roxas!

KidLitCon 2019 Poster

We have an official KidLitCon 2019 Poster! A huge thank you to illustrator Isabel Roxas for this beautiful, downloadable poster. It’s 8.5 x 11 inches so you don’t need a special printer to print it out.

KidLitCon 2019 Poster

Download it FREE here: KidLitCon 2019 Poster

p.s. Here are a few of the books that Isabel Roxas has illustrated:

And these gorgeous covers for Erin Entrada Kelly’s books!

Erin Entrada Kelly book covers by Isabel Roxas

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No More All-White Panels & #KidLitCon2019

No More All White Panels

Laurel Synder has started a movement and asked for the KidLit community to take a pledge.:

Today, in conjunction with , I’m pledging to no longer participate in all-white panels and event line-ups. It’s a small place to begin, but it will send a strong message if we all join together. Come on!

In a world of wildly talented authors and illustrators of color, there is simply no reason for an all-white panel, ever.  If you agree with me, I hope you’ll make this pledge, by leaving a note in the comments below.

Her post is here:

Our industry marginalizes people of color. We know this.

In a multitude of ways, we do not include or promote their voices as we should.  This is problematic for the authors, editors, illustrators and other people of color who must work twice as hard for far less attention and reward.  But it is also problematic for the children we claim to serve, who desperately need to hear a range of voices. Our young readers are increasingly diverse.  It makes no sense that their literature not represent them. Continue reading No More All-White Panels & #KidLitCon2019

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Look Who’s Coming to #KidLitCon2019 (next year!)

David A Kelly and Phil Bildner at KidLItCon 2017

We realize that KidLitCon 2019 is more than a year away, but some awesome people have committed to attending already! We are also proud to have a diverse group of presenters and attendees. Not only are teachers, librarians, bloggers, bookstagrammers, authors, illustrators and more represented, but we also have women and marginalized voices represented.

We are also seeking more voices in the children’s and YA publishing community: editors, PR firms/marketing folks, literary agents, illustration and children’s book writing professors, publishers, YouTube Vloggers, non-profit KidLit organizations etc. Finally, we are still trying to find an SEO expert as well as HTML/Blogger Tech person to join us. Thanks for your suggestions: KidLitCon (@) gmail (dot) com.

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#KidLitCon2019 Sponsorships Are Now Open!

#KidLitCon 2019 Sponsorships Are Now Open!

Can you help us out? Email us with people you think might consider sponsoring KidLitCon 2019. Thanks!

KidLitCon (at) gmail (dot) com.

KidLitCon 2019 Sponsorships

Sponsorship is easy! Click “Get Tickets” on our EventBrite page (it will be up soon) and select Sponsorship from the list of options. Any amount over $50 will get you a side bar listing on our website, a post on our Facebook page, inclusion in the program and on signage at the conference, recognition from the podium, and will be part of a coordinated social media blast to the more than 300,000 folks reached by our team!

The following special options are also available.

Food and beverage sponsorships 

These sponsorships will give you the listing and outreach above, plus an easel in the food and beverage room displaying an advertisement/promotional image of your choice (that fits on a standard conference easel) on display both days of the conference.

  • Breakfast $250 (two available)
  • Morning coffee and tea. ​$200 (two available)
  • Afternoon snack: $250 (two available)
  • Lunch: $500 (two available)
  • Friday Evening reception sponsorship $150 (four available)
  • Snack: $300 (two available)

Continue reading #KidLitCon2019 Sponsorships Are Now Open!

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Call for #KidLitCon2019 Presenters is officially open!

KidLitCon 2017 Hershey
We try to offer panels that are not just entertaining, but useful, and this year, with our theme of Reaching Readers, we’d especially like to think about how each of us in our own roles works to get the books we love into the hands of young readers, and how we can think critically about what books we are offering those readers.
If you’d like to submit an idea for a complete panel, with multiple participants all lined up, that’s great. If you’re just thinking “I’d like to talk about what makes a good early chapter book” or whatever subject you are passionate about, that’s welcome too, and if it worked out, a place would be found for you.  We can’t guarantee that we’ll have room for everyone … but we’ll do our best to offer a program of a wide range of topics with a wide range of speakers!

Continue reading Call for #KidLitCon2019 Presenters is officially open!

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#KidLitCon2019 #KidLitWomen & Be the Change You Seek!

#KidLitCon19 #KidLitWomen & Be the Change You Seek!

We have an official hashtag! It’s #KidLitCon19 .

We want to thank Kate Messner for bringing up the question ‘“Who else is invited?” She poses asking this question for socially conscious conference & book festival participants whether it’s accepting that speaking invitation, or in our case, planning that conference.

We wanted to thank Josh Funk for actually posing that question to us via email. It helped us define our parameters.

For those who are asking: YES! We are trying to create panels that reflects the children’s book publishing industry today, and how we want it to change … which is to say we are trying to create panels composed of 80% female and underrepresented groups including LGBTQ & POC. Will we have panels of 100% straight white males? No. No, we will not.  Continue reading #KidLitCon2019 #KidLitWomen & Be the Change You Seek!

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What’s New on KidLitCon Website?

Did you notice a few new things on the KidLitCon website today?

  • Sponsorships! Yes, we are ready to solicit for sponsorships!! We are trying to think outside the box as well and ask not just publishers but local bookstores and restaurants and companies as well. Can you suggest any that we should contact?
  • KidLitCon 2019 Planning Committee! I’ve added the KidLitBloggers in the sidebar who are responsible for creating KidLitCon many years ago and have worked on creating many a KidLitCon all over the U.S. Please do them a solid and check out their blogs and follow them on Social Media. Continue reading What’s New on KidLitCon Website?
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VOTE on Panel Discussions for KidLitCon 2019


Did you see our History of Past Panels at KidLitCon? Do you want to help us create panels for 2019? Vote using the poll on the sidebar to the right! –> –> –>

You can choose up to 5 topics. Thanks for your help! Continue reading VOTE on Panel Discussions for KidLitCon 2019

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We’ve Secured Hotel Providence for KidLitCon 2019!

KidLitCon 2019 at Hotel Providence

Charlotte and I visited hotels yesterday and secured newly renovated Hotel Providence, a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Providence.

The location is close to train, bus, airport and has plenty of parking nearby. The area abounds with restaurants with two bookstores nearby. Also, most importantly, the price is right at a discounted rate for our group of $159/night!

We are excited that we will be taking over four of the meeting rooms and about half of the hotel rooms, making this a KidLitCon takeover of the hotel. Continue reading We’ve Secured Hotel Providence for KidLitCon 2019!