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Bookstore Near KidLitCon

Cellar Stories Books near KidLitCon Providence

It just wouldn’t feel right to hold KidLitCon without a bookstore nearby! This gem of a used book store is a few steps away from KidLitCon 2019! It’s called Cellar Stories Books but it’s upstairs instead of in the basement. It’s a used bookstore with a special raised and enclosed children’s books section. Be sure to check it out when you attend KidLitCon 2019 in Providence!

Cellar Stories Books: “We’re the largest used and rare bookstore in the smallest state in the US.”

Cellar Stories Books near KidLitCon Providence

KidLitCon 2019 will be held in Providence, Rhode Island

on March 22-23, 2019

at Hotel Providence in downtown Providence.

Our hashtag is: #KidLitCon2019

The theme is Reaching Readers.

Want to help shape our panels? Go here.

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