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Author/illustrator book sale and signing event open to the public both evenings of Kidlitcon (4-6pm, March 22 and 23)

Many great authors and illustrators are going to be at Kidlitcon (Hotel Providence, Matthewson St, downtown), and both days (March 22 and 23)  the public is invited to come meet them free of charge from 4-6 pm.  Barrington Books will be on hand to sell books for most of the authors (and will take credit cards), and some will be sold by the authors themselves.

Here are the authors/illustrators who will be at the conference Friday:

LeUyen Pham
Kimberly Newton Fusco
Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Padma Venkatraman
Rebecca Caprara
Laurie Smith Murphy
Anita Sanchez
Jason Viola
Heidi Fiedler
Sara Levine
Lisa Carroll
Krista Aronson
Lisa Rogers
Emma Otheguy
Lauren Neil
Jannie Ho
Gaia Cornwall
Alison Goldberg
Gina Perry
Traci Sorell
Michelle Cusolito
Sarah Lynne Reul
Jeanette Bradley
Christy Mihaly
Padma Venkatraman
Lyn Miller-Lachmann
Kip Wilson
Chris Tebbetts
Megan Dowd Lambert
Andrea Loney
Christian Trimmer
Jeanette Bradley

And here’s who will be there Saturday:

Debbi Michiko Florence
Kara LaReau
Megan Frazer Blakemore
David. A. Kelly
Jarrett Lerner
Zetta Elliott
Anna Meriano
Alex Graudins
LeUyen Pham
Ann Braden
Paula Chase
Barbara Dee
Varian Johnson
Jo Knowles
Anika Denise
Josh Funk
Lee Wind
Christopher Denise
Cindy Rodriguez
Sheela Chari
Erin Dionne
Diana Renn
Tui T. Sutherland
Antoine Revoy
David Neilsen
Nancy Tupper Ling
Isabel Roxas
Oge Mora
Janet Costa Bates
Kirsten Cappy

And more–other authors who aren’t speaking at the conference, but who plan to be signing include

Joshua Levy, Anne O’Brien Carelli, Kirsti Call, and Carol Gordon Ekster, and all authors who register at Kidlitcon have been invited to be part of the book signing too!

So do pop into Hotel Providence on either, or both, evenings!


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